February and Valentine’s Day Pack

I admit it, I never really thought much about Valentine’s Day until I started working with kids. The excitement they exude about giving and receiving Valentine’s Day cards and maybe indulging in a piece of candy or chocolate is amazing!

To help make February more fun in the classroom I have developed the February and Valentine’s Day Pack resource. I have included math, language arts and close reading, craftivities, and even a science experiment! If you are looking for a resource to beef up your own curriculum for February this is a great addition to your lesson plans. Of course Valentine’s Day in the classroom wouldn’t be complete without a mailbox template for the kiddos to color, cut, and paste onto a paper bag (paper bag not included).

I also included a fun and easy science experiment in this resource. In the winter I like to do an Ice Cube Investigation were students get to predict, observe, and write about how fast ice cubes melt when placed in water, salt, and vinegar. It is so much fun to hear what kind of predictions the kiddos make and see them discover how fast or slow the ice cube melts in each substance.

This robust resource is also packed with useful worksheets to help solidify double facts, adding double facts, and double facts plus one. Building sentences, close reading, and analyzing text.

If you are interested in learning more about this resource you can find it HERE