UPDATED RESOURCE: Editable Newsletter Templates

The Editable Newsletter Templates has been updated! Same incredible price but now with color AND Black & White Templates. Now you have 168 different choices to choose from to relay information to parents with the ultimate choice in layout and printing options. All templates editable in your Microsoft PowerPoint software. I’m so excited to have created this editable resource for you! To find out more about this resource click HERE.

Editable Monthly Calendars

I’m offering Editable Monthly Calendars in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  They come in color and black and white versions so that you can choose your printing preference.  The color versions are great to send in emails or post to teacher websites and the black and white versions are great for printing and photocopying.

The calendars are editable in Microsoft PowerPoint, so you will need this program to edit.  Of course, you can always print and write in information.  The monthly titles, numbers, and clip art are embedded into the file so they are not editable, this is to protect the copyright of the artists I have invested in; however, I will provide yearly updates for free with your purchase.  All you will need to do is go into your purchases and download the file for your free yearly update after I post the new year each year!  This is a great value for your classroom or homeschool!

I have also added alternative designs for the months of February, March, April, July, October, November, and December.  This is so you can choose if you would like to use a holiday theme or a non-holiday theme for the month.

If you would like to learn more about this item, you can find it HERE

St. Patrick’s Day FREEBIE!

I want to thank everyone that has been supporting my Teachers Pay Teachers store! It really is my passion to create and design curriculum and craftivities for the classroom.  I’ve had a pretty rough year health wise and this has brought me so much joy!  As a thank you for supporting my store, blog, Facebook, and Instagram pages I have created this fun St. Patrick’s Day Double Facts worksheet.  It features a fun St. Patrick’s Day theme as well as featuring visual dice graphics to help visually support double facts learning!

This worksheet is available for free for instant digital download HERE

I sincerely Thank You all!

Presidents Day: Lincoln, Washington, and American Symbols

prez square cover     One of my favorite things to do as an educator is to develop resources that incorporate hybrid lesson approaches.  I especially love to do this with History and English!  In the Presidents Day: Lincoln, Washington, and American Symbols resource American History, reading comprehension, and knowledge checks come together to help students immerse themselves in the information they are learning.  The more we read, write, and discover about a topic the more the information makes sense and stays with us.  I love this approach so much and I know so many fellow educators that do also!

     This resource features a focus on eight different American symbols.  Each symbol includes an information sheet about the American symbol, a vocabulary sheet to help fill in knowledge gaps, and a symbol review sheet.  The review sheets are a great way for students to practice going back in the text to find the correct answer and solidify the knowledge they have been taking in.  I encourage students to look at it as a fun scavenger hunt!

     The next part of the resource provides one study about Abraham Lincoln, and a second study about George Washington.  To begin each unit is a KWL Worksheet so students can express what they know, what they would like to know, and later, what they have learned.  Next is a book about each president.  Each book can either be kept as full sheets, or if you prefer, the pages can be cut in half and stapled together to create a booklet.  Are you in a district or homeschool with a limited budget? (Who isn’t? Am I right?) You could even print a copy and laminate it to send home in a read and return bag to save on printing ink, or use it for one-on-one instruction.  With some imagination the possibilities are limitless on how you can use this in a meaningful way in your classroom. (I’ve worked with a very tight budget of my own, so I know the struggle is indeed “real” as the kids like to say!).  After reading the book students fill out a review question worksheet to work on comprehension, they can find the answers by looking back in the text.

     Lastly, there is a small project for each president, Washington and Lincoln.  I have included a cover sheet, a fact worksheet, and a summary sheet.  The worksheet helps reinforce close reading.  The summary sheet is an opportunity for each student to practice writing while explaining why each president is an important historical figure in American History.  This is a great way of finishing up this mini lesson while incorporating close reading skills.

      Use this resource on its own or to bulk up lesson plans you already have in place.  Want to know more about this lesson?  You can check it out HERE

Chinese New Year Printables

     I love making printables for teachers, paraprofessionals, and the homeschool community, to share with their students! In fact, it is my passion, so when I found the Teachers Pay Teachers website and realized I could share my creations and communicate with my education community all over the world I was ecstatic!

     I love making resources for a diverse population of students.  I truly believe that it helps brings beauty to the world.  I love to celebrate Chinese New Year with my family, so I developed a Chinese New Year resource available for immediate download and printing after purchase.  This resource has 63 pages including worksheets, cut and paste activities, coloring pages, a Chinese Zodiac Story, crafts, and so much more! It is great for Kindergarten, First Grade, Second Grade, Homeschool, and Special Education classrooms.


Here is a sneak peek preview of some of the pages inside this resource!

     2019 is the Year of the Pig and is featured in the Chinese New Year resource, but no worries I will be providing free yearly updates with purchase!  That means each year I will go in and edit the resource to reflect the current year, the bulk of the resource will stay the same, however I will change the timeline to the correct dates and reflect the new Zodiac year.  All you have to do is go into your purchase history on the Teachers Pay Teachers site after I’ve updated the resource and download the resource again and the new version will be available at no additional cost. As much as I like having an extra source of income, giving great value to my teacher friends is super important to me. I know how hard it can be on a tight budget to always be trying to make sure your classroom has what it needs!


     In addition to worksheets teaching students about Chinese culture and the Chinese New Year celebration I also have added a dragon lantern craft and a lucky envelope craft!  Included in your resource are detailed instructions on how to create each craft! All your students will need are crayons, scissors, and tape or glue!  Super easy, and super fun!  I like to add elements to my resources that help trigger our students’ creative brains and get them moving and working on their fine motor skills!  Also, part of my teaching background was spent working with intensive needs students, I love to have projects that will be fun for students in inclusive classrooms!  A little something for everyone!

If you would like to purchase this resource please visit my Teachers Pay Teachers store. Signing up for a buyers account is free! You can find this resource by clicking here!