Ice Cube Investigation

New offering! The Ice Cube Investigation Resource is now being offered as a standalone resource and separate from the February and Valentine’s Day Pack. This resource is a fun way to incorporate science fun and writing into the classroom.

Included in this resource are two different versions. The Classic PDF version of the Ice Cube Investigation offers printable worksheets for students to discover how an ice cube melts in water, salt, and vinegar. However, I have also included an Editable Templates version of this resource that you can edit in different substances if you would like to change what your students test their ice cubes in (please note, for the Editable version of your resource you need to have Microsoft PowerPoint to edit your templates).

The Ice Cube Investigation includes a cover page that can be colored or decorated, a prediction page, an observation page, and a project summary page. Students can practice filling in the blank, making predictions, charting observations, drawing a picture of what they learned, and forming sentences or even an entire paragraph.

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