UPDATED RESOURCE: Editable Newsletter Templates

The Editable Newsletter Templates has been updated! Same incredible price but now with color AND Black & White Templates. Now you have 168 different choices to choose from to relay information to parents with the ultimate choice in layout and printing options. All templates editable in your Microsoft PowerPoint software. I’m so excited to have created this editable resource for you! To find out more about this resource click HERE.

Editable Monthly Calendars

I’m offering Editable Monthly Calendars in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  They come in color and black and white versions so that you can choose your printing preference.  The color versions are great to send in emails or post to teacher websites and the black and white versions are great for printing and photocopying.

The calendars are editable in Microsoft PowerPoint, so you will need this program to edit.  Of course, you can always print and write in information.  The monthly titles, numbers, and clip art are embedded into the file so they are not editable, this is to protect the copyright of the artists I have invested in; however, I will provide yearly updates for free with your purchase.  All you will need to do is go into your purchases and download the file for your free yearly update after I post the new year each year!  This is a great value for your classroom or homeschool!

I have also added alternative designs for the months of February, March, April, July, October, November, and December.  This is so you can choose if you would like to use a holiday theme or a non-holiday theme for the month.

If you would like to learn more about this item, you can find it HERE

Ice Cube Investigation

New offering! The Ice Cube Investigation Resource is now being offered as a standalone resource and separate from the February and Valentine’s Day Pack. This resource is a fun way to incorporate science fun and writing into the classroom.

Included in this resource are two different versions. The Classic PDF version of the Ice Cube Investigation offers printable worksheets for students to discover how an ice cube melts in water, salt, and vinegar. However, I have also included an Editable Templates version of this resource that you can edit in different substances if you would like to change what your students test their ice cubes in (please note, for the Editable version of your resource you need to have Microsoft PowerPoint to edit your templates).

The Ice Cube Investigation includes a cover page that can be colored or decorated, a prediction page, an observation page, and a project summary page. Students can practice filling in the blank, making predictions, charting observations, drawing a picture of what they learned, and forming sentences or even an entire paragraph.

To learn more about this resource click HERE

Editable Newsletter Templates

My latest creation is a super bundle of Editable Newsletter Templates. I have created 21 different designs and then offered them in 4 different layouts so that you can pick and choose what template fits the amount of information you need to relay. Your newsletters will always look robust with this resource at your fingertips!

In all, you end up with 84 different templates! Here are some examples of the kinds of Newsletters you could create with the templates:

The blank templates are super easy to use so if you don’t have experience with Microsoft PowerPoint (which, please note, you must have to use this resource) don’t be intimidated it is super user friendly. First download your purchased Editable Newsletter Templates resource and unzip (or extract) your file just like you do with any resource you buy on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Next open your resource in your Microsoft PowerPoint software. Pick a template you would like to use and then you can add text to any part of the template. I have created heading boxes and boxes where you can add information. All you have to do it click on “Insert” and then “Text Box” from here you can draw a box anywhere on the template and type in text. You can choose different fonts and adjust the how small or large you would like the text. (Please note: the design of the template and its clipart are not editable, they are embedded to protect the rights of the original clip-artists that I have invested in, and whom I adore!)

I’ve created both holiday themes and non-holiday themed templates so you can pick and choose what would be appropriate for you student population. Here is a sneak peek at the template designs included in one of the four template layouts offered:

These newsletters can be created and sent to parents via email, be printed out, photocopied and sent home, you could even post it to your teacher website if your school district has this kind of technology in place. There are endless possibilities. You can find more about this resource HERE.

February and Valentine’s Day Pack

I admit it, I never really thought much about Valentine’s Day until I started working with kids. The excitement they exude about giving and receiving Valentine’s Day cards and maybe indulging in a piece of candy or chocolate is amazing!

To help make February more fun in the classroom I have developed the February and Valentine’s Day Pack resource. I have included math, language arts and close reading, craftivities, and even a science experiment! If you are looking for a resource to beef up your own curriculum for February this is a great addition to your lesson plans. Of course Valentine’s Day in the classroom wouldn’t be complete without a mailbox template for the kiddos to color, cut, and paste onto a paper bag (paper bag not included).

I also included a fun and easy science experiment in this resource. In the winter I like to do an Ice Cube Investigation were students get to predict, observe, and write about how fast ice cubes melt when placed in water, salt, and vinegar. It is so much fun to hear what kind of predictions the kiddos make and see them discover how fast or slow the ice cube melts in each substance.

This robust resource is also packed with useful worksheets to help solidify double facts, adding double facts, and double facts plus one. Building sentences, close reading, and analyzing text.

If you are interested in learning more about this resource you can find it HERE

Happy Groundhog Day!

I love classroom celebrations! I also love crowns! There is nothing like seeing a room full of kids coloring, and gluing crowns together. I love to see what colors they pick and they just look downright adorable in them!

I have this adorable Groundhog Day Template to make a crown craft in with your students available for instant digital download in my Teachers Pay Teachers store. All you need to provide is crayons, tape or glue, and scissors. It is a simple cravtivty that brings a lot of joy to a classroom of kiddos on Groundhog Day. You can find the template HERE.

I hope you have a wonderful Groundhog Day celebration!

Chinese New Year Printables

     I love making printables for teachers, paraprofessionals, and the homeschool community, to share with their students! In fact, it is my passion, so when I found the Teachers Pay Teachers website and realized I could share my creations and communicate with my education community all over the world I was ecstatic!

     I love making resources for a diverse population of students.  I truly believe that it helps brings beauty to the world.  I love to celebrate Chinese New Year with my family, so I developed a Chinese New Year resource available for immediate download and printing after purchase.  This resource has 63 pages including worksheets, cut and paste activities, coloring pages, a Chinese Zodiac Story, crafts, and so much more! It is great for Kindergarten, First Grade, Second Grade, Homeschool, and Special Education classrooms.


Here is a sneak peek preview of some of the pages inside this resource!

     2019 is the Year of the Pig and is featured in the Chinese New Year resource, but no worries I will be providing free yearly updates with purchase!  That means each year I will go in and edit the resource to reflect the current year, the bulk of the resource will stay the same, however I will change the timeline to the correct dates and reflect the new Zodiac year.  All you have to do is go into your purchase history on the Teachers Pay Teachers site after I’ve updated the resource and download the resource again and the new version will be available at no additional cost. As much as I like having an extra source of income, giving great value to my teacher friends is super important to me. I know how hard it can be on a tight budget to always be trying to make sure your classroom has what it needs!


     In addition to worksheets teaching students about Chinese culture and the Chinese New Year celebration I also have added a dragon lantern craft and a lucky envelope craft!  Included in your resource are detailed instructions on how to create each craft! All your students will need are crayons, scissors, and tape or glue!  Super easy, and super fun!  I like to add elements to my resources that help trigger our students’ creative brains and get them moving and working on their fine motor skills!  Also, part of my teaching background was spent working with intensive needs students, I love to have projects that will be fun for students in inclusive classrooms!  A little something for everyone!

If you would like to purchase this resource please visit my Teachers Pay Teachers store. Signing up for a buyers account is free! You can find this resource by clicking here!